Aerial-Based Classes

Our Classes

At Raga Yoga Walnut Creek we see each class as its own raga made up of a pattern of poses, constructed by the tempo of flow, also fueled by the rhythm of breath.

Ragas can take you out of your head and into the now. The poses tell the story, together they weave a tale, carried by their rhythm and tone. Some are smooth and slow, some are strong and sweaty, while others leave you floating in space. Each brings about its own devotion to body and mind.

What story will you tell?

Mat-Based Classes

Inside Raga Yoga

Let the Sunshine In!

1,000 square foot Yoga room

Eco-friendly cork flooring

State-of-the-Art Sound System

20-person custom designed Aerial rigging

Filled with natural light and oxygen enriching plants

Come Practice with Raga Yoga Walnut Creek

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