Welcome to Your Yoga Home!


Raga Yoga is a community-based yoga studio established to promote a balanced life from the inside out. We believe the system of yoga is a tool to relieve the physical, emotional, and spiritual obstacles in one’s life through mindful practice.

Raga Yoga’s mission is to educate, support and inspire the practices of yoga. Our class formats range from traditional to functional. We like to think of ourselves as modern yogis, continuing to explore while grounding ourselves in the time honored traditions of this ancient practice. Whether you’re looking for a soft place to land or to gain some rock hard abs, Raga is the home for you. Come, Get Lifted!

About Our Studio

aerial yoga  •  Mat based Yoga  •  Special Events  •  community

Our Ethos, in Words

RagaYoga offers a variety of yoga classes, inspirational events, and community offerings to deepen your own personal study of the system of yoga. Whether you like to sweat, stretch or fly, Raga provides the rhythm and Yoga is the tool. Together, the practice will transform mind, body and soul.

We strive to offer you quality teachers that are driven to share, to guide, to light your path. We believe Yoga helps you live your best life and our goal is to create a sacred space to do just that. The practice is yours, we are here as your guides. The destination is up to you, for there is no end. The journey is the practice: show up, set up, practice.

Our Ethos, Visualized

Our logo… Beloved Ganesha – the remover of obstacles – plays center stage as he intertwines with the Sanskrit Om – sound of all creation/existence – set within the circle of life, drawn with depth, interest and made messy in shades of gray, for life is rarely black and white.

We chose blue to represent both the sea and the sky and their infinite possibilities unseen by the naked eye. We are here to move, to breathe, to think. We meet in community so that we may raise one another as we raise ourselves… Come, meet us on the mat. Come, Get Lifted!

Our Plants

Being around plants has a calming effect on people. Indoor plants are known to relieve stress, boost creativity and focus, promote healing and recovery. Raga’s studio is filled with greenery known to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and the stress hormone cortisol.

Our spiders and pothos are amazing at purifying the air, eliminating toxins, adding moisture, and increasing the studio’s oxygen levels, improving the overall air quality you breathe. We love our plants so much, we’ve begun to prologate and spread the joy! But, I must warn you, there is a downside: once you start living with plants, you’ll want more!