Beginners Series

with MaryAnn

Brand New?
Been on a “yoga break”?
Recovering from injury?

Feb 24 – March 16
Mondays @ 12 noon-1pm

$120 for 4 Week Series

Join us in this 4-week series where you will learn the fundamentals of the  main basic poses with plenty of guidance in a small group of people  who are all in the same boat. We will teach you how to  develop a safe and beneficial yoga practice by building a strong yoga foundation which will  grow in future classes. We keep the class size small so that each student will  receive attention as you develop  understanding and awareness.

Our 4-Week Curriculum

During this 4-week series we will address the following:

What does what? Biomechanics 101 – How your body moves

Where should I feel it?  Strength vs stretch

What is yoga anyway?  Yogic Philosophy 101

What’s with the breath? Understanding your internal regulator

Although yoga is ultimately an experiential practice, each class will weave the philosophy of yoga into the physical practice. Our aim over these 4 weeks is to provide you with a foundation in the fundamentals of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy.  We are here to serve and our small group setting seeks to ensure you are seen, heard and attended to.