Corporate Yoga

A happy, healthy and motivated employee base is a company’s most vital asset. It’s proven that employees who have a healthy work/life balance, less stress and good physical and mental well being will make a greater contribution to your company’s success. As such, many companies provide healthy and accessible workplace wellness options.

At RagaYoga, we are happy to offer your employees customizable yoga and meditation options that will let your staff know you care about them. Located within Shadelands Business Park, we are a convenient and accessible option for employees and employers alike. We offer an experienced and gentle approach to support every body type, size, and fitness level.

Benefits for Employers

• Increased productivity

• Reduced employee turnover

• Reduced employee absences

• Improved job satisfaction amongst employees


Benefits for Employees

• Improved focus and concentration

• Improved overall health and well being

• Reduced stress, anxiety and depression

• Increased energy and reduced fatigue

About the Studio

RagaYoga is a dynamic, community centered yoga studio offering classes addressing physical, mental and emotional well being. We make the tools of yoga more accessible by meeting the student at their level.

Choose an option that best suits You

We have different service options that are negotiable according to your needs, resources, and space. Please use the list below as a guide towards assessing how we can best work together. RagaYoga comfortably suits 20-30 people and is equipped with all props and amenities (mats, bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps).


Private Classes (Mat only)

Book our space during any available time period for a
private group class for your employees.


Aerial Private Classes

With the help of the silk hammock, students are able to refine and improve their alignment and relax into the pose. Maximum 6 participants.


Group Classes

Use your own quiet, comfortable space large enough for your group, and we will send a teacher to you. Supply your own props (mats, etc).


Per Student Bulk

Discounted class passes for your staff. Allow them to attend any class, any time, as a group or solo.


In Office Meditation

Invite our teacher for a 20-30 minute opportunity for your staff to stop, sit, and recharge with a guided meditation We will supply a few meditation cushions (though chairs also work fine) and will include instruction to support the meditation experience.