An Aerial-based
Handstand training series

Over the course of 4 weeks, we’ll explore the 4 main types of handstands: straight, tuck, straddle and pike. The hammocks will provide all the support you need to get started. From there, the sky’s the limit! We’ll take our hand balancing to the wall, into the room and back to the hammocks finding just the right level of challenge for you.

Each week practice will begin with a meditation followed by an inversion essentials warm up. From there, we’ll head into handstand specific strength and mobility drills based on our given focus. The modules are structured to build upon each other, layering on strength, technique and engagement as you progress.

And, guess what? There’s homework. The best techniques don’t mean much if you don’t spend time doing them. And, as with any new skill you wish to acquire, practice is the game changer.

At the end of each class, you will receive a 10-minute daily routine to be completed between modules. I promise, even if you only find 5minutes during the day, it will make a solid impact in your progression.

Our 4-Week Curriculum
Building foundation: Hands, arms and abs


Week 1

Straight Stands and Hollow Holds
– Preparing hands and wrists.
– Connecting the lines from hands to abs
– Overcoming fear
Your core in 3-D: Shoulders, ribs and hips


Week 2

Planks and Tucks
• Lateral strength
• Posterior tone
• Hip mobility
• The bottom half: Legs, glutes and feet


Week 3

Pikes and Straddles
• Hip flexors: the great connectors
• Adductors and Abductors
• Glutes as stabilizers
• From Head to Toe: Putting it all together


Week 4

• Building trust
• Learning to fall