Ready to Try Something New!

Let us start by saying WELCOME!

We are honored to have you begin your practice with RagaYoga and look forward to getting to know you:) We realize being the new kid on the block can be kind of intimidating, so we’d like to take a moment to give you the down low on class. But, keep in mind, we’ve all been there. We all started somewhere. We all had awkward moments of not knowing, not understanding and feeling like we’re 3 steps behind; that’s part of the deal. But, if you keep showing up, you’ll learn, you’ll come to understand, you’ll develop your body, your heart and your mind. Over time, it’ll begin to make sense: the flow, the breath, the movement.

So come join us, practice, and watch what happens. We look forward to seeing where it takes you. Meet you on the mat 🙂

There’s a saying we yogis know well… “practice and all is coming”.


You can reserve your space online in advance by purchasing a class pass and then using our online Schedule to select which classes you plan to attend. Space permitting, you are welcome to join any of our classes any time by dropping in without a reservation. Simply arrive at least 10 minutes early before your class to complete New Student Waiver.

Don’t take class on a full stomach: be it after a heavy meal or downing that liter of water to make up for a day’s hydration. Trust me, you won’t be comfortable.

Arrive early: Head to the studio at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class to sign up or better yet, sign up online through our website and be sure to take advantage of our new student special. Arriving early also gives you a chance to set up and connect with the teacher. Be sure to say it’s your first time!

Talk to the Teacher: Many people are shy or uncomfortable talking to the teacher, but please understand, we just want to help you. We’re here for you—we want new students to have the best experience possible during their first class. Your teacher will do their best to offer modifications where appropriate as most yoga poses can be adjusted to your needs.

No socks, no shoes, no phones: please leave shoes outside the studio room. Socks will only become a hindrance once you step on the mat. Nothing can crush the flow of a class like the buzz on a phone. No matter how cool your ringtone is, please try to turn them off.

Release the tension: Clenching your fingers, toes, or even your jaw can be so ingrained you may not even know it’s happening. The more you let go and release this stress from your body, the easier the pose will feel.

Grab ALL the props: A strap, blanket, and a set of blocks all offer something a little different to a practice, but each will helps your body better access the pose. Straps and blocks give you a little extra room to twist, while a blanket will make the seated postures — and svasana! — even more enjoyable

Breath is everything: Notice your breath is at the beginning of class and compare if it’s deeper and more relaxed at the end. When you feel your mind wander, think about lengthening your exhales. It’s the best way to in and come back into movement with a fresh outlook.

Child’s Pose is always an option: Yoga shouldn’t hurt nor should it stress you out. There might be yogis of all levels practicing in class, so if there’s a pose you don’t understand or aren’t ready to try, if comfortable, Child’s Pose is a great option. It will help to quiet the noise and tune into your body’s needs.

Listen to your body: If you’re not comfortable with the pace, the movement, or physical adjustments, that’s OK. Do your best to follow along, but please remember, ultimately, this is a practice of self care.

Finally, we’re all beginners! Even the most accomplished yogi finds themselves beginning again and again. “Beginner’s mind” means heading to your mat with no preconceived notions about what you can accomplish or poses you can’t do. We strive to stay one inhale at a time. Keeping this outlook and leaving expectations at the door will support best experience possible.

Start slow and take as many rests as you need during class

Show up. Show up, roll out your mat, MOVE, BREATHE, REPEAT. We recommend practicing 3-4 times per week with inclusion of a “recovery practice” such as Yoga Tune Up, Roll Method, AST or Restore to get the consistent benefits that practice can offer you.