Mommy and Me Yoga Series

Calling all new moms on a journey of wellness, connection, and self-care! Join our transformative 6-week Mommy and Me Yoga Series designed exclusively for you and your precious bundle of joy. Embrace the joys of motherhood while prioritizing your well-being through nourishing yoga sessions and insightful wellness discussions.

Join Robin for a 6-week series this fall
Pre-Crawlers Only.
10:15a Mondays, October 2nd- November 6th

$180/ $150 for Members

‍ What to Expect:

  • 15-minute interactive wellness topics on nutrition, sleep, and breathing techniques, fostering a harmonious bond between you and your baby.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations and share experiences with fellow moms, creating lifelong friendships.
  • A blissful 1-hour yoga practice tailored to rebuild your strength, enhance mobility, and regain flexibility post-pregnancy.
  • A supportive and inclusive environment that caters to moms and babies aged 6 weeks to crawling.

Benefits for You:

  • Rediscover your inner strength and balance through rejuvenating yoga sequences.
  • Bond with your little one through gentle poses and soothing movements, enhancing your connection.
  • Gain valuable insights on nutrition for both mom and baby, ensuring optimal health.
  • Uncover sleep techniques to nourish both you and your baby, promoting restful nights.
  • Master breathing exercises that calm the mind, reduce stress, and invigorate your energy.
  • Forge connections with other new moms, sharing triumphs and challenges in a nurturing space.

Benefits for Baby:

  • Experience the joy of movement and touch as you engage your baby in gentle yoga poses.
  • Enhance your baby’s sensory development through soothing and rhythmic motions.
  • Create an unbreakable bond as you explore new movements together.
  • Foster healthy sleep patterns through guided relaxation techniques.
  • Stimulate your baby’s natural curiosity and exploration in a safe environment.