Slow Flow

Our Flow practice is movement framed within the rhythm of breath. Led with a spirit of overall wellbeing, this full body class is built to explore a specific pose or body region while experimenting with variations and functional movement patterns. Flow practice allows time to find alignment and make adjustments. It gives space to play with props and to move in and out of postures. Slow down and tune in. All levels welcome!

Aerial Stretch Therapy

Working with low slung hammocks to alleviate joint pressure and support functional ranges of motion through a variety of yoga poses and movement patterns. At just 18`` off the ground, the hammock offers a powerful assist whatever your activity level or training regimen may be. All levels welcome.

Raga Flow

Our challenging signature Vinyasa practice is fueled by ``out of the yoga box`` playlists and creative sequencing. RagaFlow is crafted to embody the flow of yoga, designed to focus, energize, empower, open your heart to set your mind free. Come ready to move, breathe, and sweat. Reap the rewards. Mixed level, fast-paced.

Yoga Tune Up

A full body, well-rounded practice without the flow. Yoga Tune Up is a corrective exercise format to help you move and live better in your body. This self-care practice helps alleviate pain, improve posture and enhance performance in whatever your sport, activity or lifestlye. All levels encouraged.