Join Kaylee for this seven-part series!

Fridays 6:00pm-8:00pm
May 31 – Nov 22, 2024
Full series: $240 (members: $210)
Individual: $40 (members: $35)

Join Kaylee for this seven-part series that will take you on a journey through the chakra system to help you understand your mind-body connection, establish a Svadhyaya (self-study) routine through writing, and deepen your off-mat yoga practice. The chakra system doesn’t ask you to change; it uncovers who you truly are. Come explore through learning, meditation and journaling how your unique patterns, habits and quirks may be your inner self trying to tell you something.

Each meeting will focus on one chakra and include guided meditation, journaling, and a yoga practice. Please bring a notebook to write in. Wearing clothing in each chakra’s color is highly encouraged!

Series Schedule

May 31 – Root (red)    |    June 28 – Sacral (orange)   |    July 26 – Solar Plexus (yellow)   |    Aug 30 – Heart (green)   |    Sept 27 – Throat (turquoise)   |    Oct 25 – Third Eye (indigo)   |    Nov 22 – Crown (purple)