Our People Define Your Experience

We hope you will feel right at home with our committed staff of highly trained yoga educators who are here to help you feel better in your body, mind and spirit.  

Our teachers never stop learning and never stop practicing. We each maintain a dedicated personal practice and know what it means to be a student and show up for yourself on the mat.

Although we each bring our own style, we come together over a few constants: mindfulness, technique/alignment, and breath; the fundamentals for any style or level of practice.  We choose to honor the traditional maps of physical alignment but prefer to see them as guides rather than absolutes.  We know every body is unique and use a wide range of skills to help you find what is best for you.

We love what we do and are here to share the yoga love with you!

CJ Lamborn

Owner / Instructor 

500E-CYT, Aerial, YTU, Pilates

When we stop trying to be and do who and what we are not, we learn to see what is: unlimited possibilities. I believe in the power of practice. I believe in the limitless potential of the individual. And, I believe that yoga is many things and at least one of those things is for you.

My goal in every class is to encourage students to let go of expectations and experience their bodies with presence and intent, taking it all in one breath at a time. Life offers enough stressors, yoga shouldn’t. I lean towards a functional approach and am eternally fascinated with technique and transitions. I aim to show the power of resilience yoga has to offer and lead classes that inspire self care. Be it sweaty and strong, or slow and peaceful, I believe the mat to be where we come with compassion and service to the bodhichitta within.

For me, yoga is a grounding force and has been for over 20 years. I am grateful for my main teachers, Laura Mullin, Pik Chu Wong and Jason Crandell. Although my practice has changed through the years, the foundations remains the same. It centers me: mind, body and soul. I believe consistent practice of asana, breath, movement and meditation quiets the noise, ultimately revealing itself as practice of uncovering life’s beauty.

Show up, do the work, spread the joy. 

Kaylee Black


Wes Linch


Maria Odenese


Katy Bussell


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