The Practice – Youth Camps

Bringing together 20+ years of yogic experience along with classroom teaching and youth sports training, we’ve put together a program to promote resilience while building community for today’s  High School students with the teachings of yoga.

8 Weeks / 16 Sessions / Socially-Responsible Health Conscious Program

We know yoga is not one size fits all, and our goal throughout this course is to nurture a deep sense of self-compassion, acceptance, understanding, and empowerment.  Our hope is to teach and inspire students to continue long after the course ends, by supporting students to build and implement a personal practice that speaks to their own bodies, hearts and minds.

The Practice

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Tuesday & Thursday, 3:30-5:00 pm
In-person 8 week foundational yoga camp
Session #1 – Sept 8 to Oct 29

Yama/niyamas  •  Meditations
Art projects  •  Journal/reflection prompt
Basic breath techniques  •  Vinyasa
Restorative  •  Aerial cocooning

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About The Practice

Resilience is one’s ability to recover after life’s difficult events. Today, more than ever, we see this as a skill to be nourished, so we’ve built a program to do just that. The breathing exercising we will cover speak directly to the nervous system and serve to regulate the body’s stress response. The physicality of the practice (yes, we sweat in yoga 😉), builds physical strength and endurance which we know builds a healthy immune system, improves circulation and promotes clearer thinking. Our gratitude and reflective practices help shape a backdrop of joy for the simple pleasures in life, bringing feelings of contentment and underlying happiness.

We will discuss the Yamas and Niyamas as foundational yogic philosophy. If you are unfamiliar with these values, they lay out a yogi’s moral and personal values of how we relate to society, one another and ultimately ourselves: truth, discipline, nonviolence, compassion, cleanliness, introspection, faith, and moderation. Together, they form a basis for approaching life on and off the mat.

Our art projects are loosely formed in order to enhance creative thinking. Why? Because this type of self-expressed, open thinking strengthens our problem solving muscles, just what we need when we are faced with life’s new challenges. And, lastly, we know the value of rest. Rest is imperative for wellness of all systems of the body. We will practice mental rest as we quiet and still our minds in meditation. And, we will experience physical and emotional rest through aerial supported inversions and cocooning.

Together, these practices make up a balanced program of self-care for our whole selves: inside and out. May you reap the rewards 🙏

Raga Yoga and County Health Compliance

RagaYoga has been updated to accommodate all county health guidelines for public wellness. Our 1000 sqft studio space comfortably holds 8 socially distant students and 1 teacher. Masks are to be worn for a contactless check-in: self-reporting health screen, temperature check and hand sanitizing. Students are asked to bring their own mats, all other props will be assigned to each student for the duration of the camp and sanitized after each session.

The large open room, has 14’ ceilings and antimicrobial cork flooring. In addition to our MERV 8 filters and over 60 plants helping to clean the air naturally, we’ve added an air purifier built to clean the environment down to a viral level refreshed every 30 minutes. Students will be allowed to remove masks once they arrive to their spatially distanced mats, but the instructor will continue to wear one.