Join CJ and learn to move deeper in your postures, challenge your balance and open your heart while adding depth to your practice by using the yoga wheel.

Sunday, October 1. 12:30pm – 2:30pm
$65 Members  |  $75 Non-Members

Yoga wheels are circular-shaped yoga props that help open the body, assist advanced yoga postures, enhance flexibility and massage your spine. Use of the wheel on the legs opens the hip flexors, quads and hamstrings. The yoga wheel not only provides deep heart opening and supported backbends but it can also be used for balance and standing poses as well.

This 2-hour complete yoga wheel practice will show you the great fun you can have with a yoga wheel while also staying conscious of safety and alignment.
This workshop is designed for beginner-to-intermediate students. There will be many options to choose from depending on your abilities.
Enjoy the stretch, Expect some fun, and be prepared for some challenges.

This Workshop will cover:

* Flowing with the wheel
* Using the wheel to build strength and assist in asanas
* How to safely and efficiently use the wheel for backbends
* Using the wheel for inversions
* Developing flexibility with the wheel
* Leg balancing with the wheel
* Relaxing poses with wheel assist