200-Hour Teacher Training


September 2024- May 2025
    Yoga Alliance approved 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Certification
    Includes 50hr Online Self-Paced Yoga Anatomy program and certification
Unlimited Mat classes throughout the program ($1700 value)
    Off-site retreat module (*accomodations not included)
1:1 mentorship component
Live class observations, assists and practice teaching

Teacher Training Info and Details 

Teacher Training Hours & Dates

Fridays 6:00-8:00pm
Saturdays 8:00-10:30am & 12:30-6:00pm
Sundays 8:00-10:30am & 1:00-5:00pm

Yoga Teacher Training is a powerful and fulfilling investment in you!  Whether you plan to teach or are simply looking to learn more, we’ve got it covered.
RagaYoga’s teacher training provides an amazing opportunity to deeply enrich your personal practice and overall understanding of yoga.  Our comprehensive YTT will provide a strong foundation of yoga philosophy and practices.  Through our hands-on programming, we will work together to help what we’ve learned.

200hr YTT


Early Bird Pricing $4,400!

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Modular Programs and Pricing

Foundational Program

Primary Modules 1-4


Individual Modules

Create your own program

$475 ea.

Early Bird Pricing $425 ea.

Offsite Retreat Module

Ayurvedic Meals Included

Starting @ $625

Program Outlines and Dates


Yoga Anatomy: Online Course (50hr) self-paced

September 6-9
Module 1 *Foundational

The Practice of You:  Foundations of Breath and Movement

• The principles of Biomechanics
• Modern scientific findings in relation to yoga practices
• Injury Prevention, Rehab, Recovery
• CARS  as prerequisites
• PAILS/RAILS as training
• Cultivating technique
• Pranayama coffee/water/whiskey: Ujayi Pranayama, Nadi Shodhana, Bhastrika
• Bandhas

October 4-6:
Module 2 *Foundational

Asana & Foundational Understandings

• Feet – hips
• History of Yoga
• A timeline of traditions
• Root + sacral chakra
• Key postures, alignment, regressions and progressions, general prop usage
• Practice teaching

November 1-3
Module 3 *Foundational

Asana & Foundational Understandings

• Core
• Movement strength
• Neural pathways
• 8 limbed path
• Sankalpa
• Solar plexus chakra
• Key postures, alignment, regressions and progressions, general prop usage
• Practice teaching

December 6-8
Module 4 *Foundational

Asana and Foundational Understandings

• Hands – crown
• Modes of meditation
• Dristhi
• Mudras
• Heart, throat, third eye + crown chakra
• Key postures, alignment, regressions and progressions, general prop usage
• Practice teaching

January 3-5
Module 5 *YTT Specific

Teaching Methodology: a weekend of practice teaching

• Finding your voice
• Classroom management
• Quality queuing
• Trauma-informed notes
• Professional development: resume, job hunt, personal practice, continued study, sankalpa
• Bi-monthly practice teaching assignments throughout the remainder of the training

February 7-9
Module 6 *Advanced Studies Enrichment

Sutras, Sanskrit & Restorative Asana

• Chanting and mantra
• Study of the history of Sanskrit in relation to yoga
• Pronunciation guide
• Key concepts of Sanskrit terminology
• Sutra study
• Identification of foundational asana in Sanskrit

March 7-9
Module 7 *YTT Specific

Sequencing: creating meaningful practices

• Class arcs and styles
• Purpose
• Curriculum
• Transition as technique
• Adjustments
• Creating community
• From instructor to teacher

April 4-6
Module 8 *Advanced Studies Enrichment

An Offsite Weekend Retreat: Lifestyle in Breath, Cleansing Techniques + Ayurveda

• Women’s health: pre/post natal, menopause, reproductive cycle
• Nutrition
• Doshas
• Circadian rhythm
• Activity: Kriyas, Pranayama, Bandhas, Inversions + Yin
• History and Tradition – YTT Specific

May 2-4
Module 9  *YTT Specific

Professional Seminar + Finals/Test Out

• Teaching practicum
• Written test
• Mentorship report
• Seva report

Why Do It?

What you’ll learn

Philosophy    |    History of Yoga and lineages    |    Yoga Anatomy
Sanskrit    |    Pranayama    |    Meditation    |    Teaching Tips
Yoga Business and Marketing    |    Sequencing and Structure
The Intersection of Ayurveda and Yoga
The Asanas: alignment, adjustments and techniques
The Art of Personal Practice
Finding Your Voice as a Teacher

Uncover New Dimensions of Your Practice

As you uncover new dimensions of practice. You’re not only deepen your physical practice, but you will be able to connect with parts of your life that you hadn’t seen before.

Explore the Richness of Yoga

I’m sure you’ve heard Yoga is more than the physical. But the fact is, that can be discover when you’re only ever in an asana class. We’ll have the time to explore the richness of exactly what yoga can offer.

Build Incredible Friendships

Build incredible friendships around a shared passion. I feel so fortunate for the yoga friends I’ve made through trainings. It’s a unique shared bond and a powerful sense of community.

You’re Ready for Change

You’re ready for change. Odds are you will not be the same person after your graduate. Trainings ignite change and teach you how to listen in a deep, intuitive way.

Make Sense of this World

You’ll become acquainted with some of the oldest, most meaningful philosophical texts. Yoga is so much more about how to live in and make sense of this world than how to touch your toes.

Share Yoga With Others

You want to share yoga with others. And, there’s no better way than to learn how to teach it.

Hold Space & Be Present

You want to learn how to hold space and be present. These life skills are yoga skills, and learning how will make you a better partner, professional, parent, friend, family member, human. I think we can all agree, being truly present in conversation is exactly what the world needs more of.

More is better!

More is better! I have found repeatedly: the more I learn, the more I understand, the more rewarding and exciting my practice continues to be.